Do I need you provide any images for your design work?

Its upto you. If you wish to add any images, you can send it to us. Or else our design team will use suitable image for your design.

Do you use copy righted image?

No. To avoid problems in future, our team will never use copyrighted images, slogan and contents.

Are your designs customized ?

Yes, we never use templates for designs. So all the design services can be fully customized depends on client‘s need.

How long does it take for a single revision ?

Normally, revision work on design takes 24 hrs.

Do you provide any offer for bulk order ?

Yes, we value the bulk order customers by providing certain amount of discount. Discount percentage depends upon the order.

Is your twitter BG design includes avatar?

Yes, Our Twitter background design services includes creation of profile avatar too.

Is your Facebook fan page design services includes profile image design?

Yes, We ll create profile image with facebook fan page design service and designs are fully customizable.

What If I need any changes on logos and banners that you designed?

We are offering 3 free revisions on every order that you make on HYIP THEME.

Do you integrate Facebook and twitter designs on our profiles?

Yes, upon client‘s need, we ll integrate it on their profile. Separate charge applicable.

What are the payment modes do you accept?

Currently, we are providing paypal payment only, Indian customers can do direct bank transfer.

So, are you interested in buying attractive and elegant HYIP templates and scripts? Looking for trusted services? Don't know where to go and how to contact skillful teams? Don't be panic. HYIP THEME team is always here for you to provide complete error-free HYIP solutions for your investment business. Just drop an email to hyipthemenetsales@gmail.com and our team will help you at anywhere in anytime. Feel free to contact our team and they will get back to your queries shortly.

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